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Italian Food

At Spring Garden Restaurant, our Italian restaurant specializes in some of the most delicious and authentic food known to the world! The reason for this lies in the expert mix of the freshest ingredients in our Italian food, meats, vegetables and zesty sauces that have been handed down from the old country through generations.

We are experts in pizza and pasta, as well as other Italian staples. If you’re on the go, our Italian take out service can take care of your lunch or dinner needs.

Italian Food

Italian cuisine isn’t all that we serve at Spring Garden Restaurant however. Our restaurant serves come of the best American food in Taylorville! If you’re craving a burger, sandwich or even breakfast, we are the place to go. Our chef goes above and beyond to create delicious foods for every guest.

We strive to serve our guests promptly and comfortably. Visit us at Spring Garden Restaurant in Taylorville, IL today! We can’t wait to welcome you with a hearty dish of our famous Italian food!